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潘正潮今日(10月30日) 傍晚時分於體院訓練期間暈倒,在場教練立即召喚救護車,救護員到場後將他送往威爾斯親王醫院,經搶救後證實不治。


資料來源 : 香港體育學院

Elite Billiard Athlete Poon Ching Chiu

The Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI) was deeply shocked and saddened to learn of the passing away of elite billiard athlete Poon Ching Chiu.

Ching Chiu fainted at a training session this late afternoon and was rushed to Prince of Wales Hospital.

Ching Chiu was a promising young athlete. He became a HKSI Elite Scholarship Athlete in June 2019. His sudden passing away is a hugh loss to billiard sports.

The HKSI extends deepest condolences to Ching Chiu's family and we will render our full support at this difficult time. We are also offering counselling support to his teammates.

Information Source : Hong Kong Sports Institute

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