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Fans ride in style as the 2022 Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens partners with Uber Taxi

[1 November 2022, Hong Kong] With more than 30,000 spectators expected each day at the 2022 Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens (4-6 November), the Hong Kong Rugby Union (HKRU) is teaming up with Uber Taxi to offer fans convenient and comfortable taxi ride e-hailing to and from the Hong Kong Stadium.

As the official partner of the Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens, Uber Taxi will provide promotional discounts exclusively for ticket holders. Fans will be able to wing their way through traffic like Serevi before alighting at the designated pick-up and drop-off zone for Uber Taxi riders all weekend long.

“Uber is thrilled to see the return of the Hong Kong Sevens and proud to be the official partner of this iconic event. As a trusted partner to HongKongers and international travellers alike, we look forward to moving people to and from the games comfortably and efficiently, so they can enjoy rugby to its fullest,” said Estyn Chung, General Manager of Uber Hong Kong.

“The enjoyment, comfort and safety of our spectators is our highest priority and partnering with Uber Taxi helps us ensure our fans have the utmost choice and convenience in attending the Sevens this November,” said Bryan Rennie, Head of Commercial and Business Development at the HKRU.

To celebrate the comeback of the Hong Kong Sevens, Hong Kong Sevens ticket holders who are new Uber Taxi riders can enjoy five 50% off Uber Taxi rides (up to HK$50 per trip) to get around the city by applying the designated promo code. Existing Uber users can also enjoy a 20% discount (capped at HK$30) limited to one Uber Taxi ride to or from the Hong Kong Stadium during the Sevens weekend. Discount promo codes will be offered to fans via the Hong Kong Sevens ticketing app at from 4 November - 6 November. Stay tuned for the updates!

Uber Taxi, the HKRU and Carlsberg, the Official Beer of the 2022 Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens, remind spectators to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive.

Hong Kong’s rugby community are queuing up to celebrate the first Sevens since 2019. With 45 pulsating matches across the three days, along with world-class entertainment and live music, the 2022 Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens is sure to be a festive weekend.

Let Uber Taxi help get you there and back safely, comfortably and conveniently.

For more information on the 2022 Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens please visit:

Information and Photo Source : Elite Step Asia Limited / Hong Kong Rugby Union

2022 年「國泰航空/滙豐香港國際七人欖球賽」與 Uber Taxi 合作


[2022年11月1日,香港] 2022 年「國泰航空/滙豐香港國際七人欖球賽」(11月4日至6日)的精彩賽事預計每天將吸引逾30,000名觀眾入場觀賞。香港欖球總會(欖總)宣佈將與 Uber Taxi 合作,為球迷提供更方便和舒適的網約的士行程往返香港大球場。

作為 2022年「國泰航空/滙豐香港國際七人欖球賽」的官方合作夥伴,Uber Taxi 將為賽事持票者提供專屬優惠。整個「七欖」週末,球迷可像靈活的撒力菲(Waisale Serevi)般於繁忙的交通之中穿梭,直至抵達位於香港大球場為 Uber Taxi 乘客特設的專屬上落客點下車。

Uber 香港總經理鍾志霆(Estyn Chung)說:「Uber 非常高興可以見證香港國際七人欖球賽再次於香港上演,並成為這城中年度盛事的官方合作夥伴。作為香港市民和訪港旅客值得信賴的出行夥伴,我們期待為更多前往觀賞賽事的乘客提供更舒適和便捷的出行體驗,讓球迷能盡情享受欖球賽事。」

欖總商務及業務拓展總監榮拜仁(Bryan Rennie)表示:「觀眾的體驗、舒適和安全是我們最重要的考量,所以與Uber Taxi 合作有助我們確保球迷在11月出席『香港國際七人欖球賽』時享有最好和最便利的選擇。」

為慶祝「香港國際七人欖球賽」強勢回歸,作爲 Uber Taxi 新乘客的賽事持票者,憑指定優惠碼即可享受 5 次Uber Taxi 五折乘車優惠(每程最高減免港幣 50 元)。現有 Uber 用戶亦可在「七欖」期間享受單程前往或離開香港大球場的 Uber Taxi 八折乘車優惠(最高折扣額為港幣 30 元)。持票球迷可在11月4日至6日期間,透過「香港國際七人欖球賽」售票應用程式( 獲取優惠碼,球迷務必緊貼留意最新賽事資訊!

Uber Taxi、欖總和2022年「國泰航空/滙豐香港國際七人欖球賽2022」 官方啤酒品牌 – 嘉士伯奉勸球迷要有節制地喝酒,切勿酒後駕駛。

香港欖球界已列隊準備慶祝自 2019 年以來的首個「七欖」,一連三日集世界級體育、 娛樂和現場音樂於一身的 2022 年「國泰航空/滙豐香港國際七人欖球賽」將隆重登 場。

讓 Uber Taxi 為你提供更安全便捷和舒適的乘車體驗。


資料及相片來源 : Elite Step Asia Limited / Hong Kong Rugby Union


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