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Protecting the Best Moments

Reckitt’s brand Dettol named Official Hygiene Partner for the 2022 Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens

· All-round hygiene protection for world class players and over 30,000 participants at the first Hong Kong Sevens tournament since the pandemic

· Engagement with local rugby stars in a series of brand videos shows how Dettol helps ‘protect the best moments’

· Renowned former sports anchor Vince Ng to share experience at the tournament on social media

(Hong Kong – 3 November, 2022) As part of its ongoing partnership with the Hong Kong Rugby Union, Reckitt’s brand Dettol is joining as Official Hygiene Partner of the world-renowned Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens, helping to implement enhanced hygiene protocols for the tournament. Returning for the first time since the pandemic, the tournament will see 16 teams battle it out over three days from 4th – 6th November 2022.

“At Reckitt, we put people first. This passion drives us in seeking new opportunities to build shared success with our partners from different segments. It is our great honour to collaborate with the Hong Kong Rugby Union once again as part of our deepened partnership, to protect all fans at the first Hong Kong Sevens since the pandemic so that everyone can enjoy the three-day event to the fullest,” said Boudewijn Feith, General Manager, Hong Kong/Taiwan at Reckitt.

“As one of the world’s most trusted disinfectant brands, Dettol will continue to protect everyone’s best moments with our expertise, to help enable the safe return of more much-anticipated mass events.”

In keeping with Reckitt’s purpose in pursuit of a healthier and cleaner world built on the foundation of good hygiene, Dettol will promote positive public hygiene practices and provide easy access to its widely trusted hygiene and disinfectant products for supporters, players, and officials throughout the weekend.

Providing All-rounded Protection with Dettol’s Extensive Range of Products

Throughout the three-day extravaganza of international rugby revelry, Dettol will provide all-round onsite hygiene protection with the setting up of Dettol hand sanitizer stations at over 130 spots covering the executive suites, concourse, entrances and security check zones across the Hong Kong Stadium. Dettol disinfectant products will be used in the comprehensive sanitisation protocols of the players’ changing rooms, and Dettol will provide personal hygiene and disinfectant solutions as care packages to the players. This extensive protection is the key to ensure a safe and confident return of mass participatory events like the Hong Kong Sevens.

Engaging Local Star Players and Popular Sports Influencers throughout the Campaign

With the goal of vividly illustrating how Dettol can protect everyone’s best moments, star players from the Hong Kong Team and popular sports influencers have been engaged throughout the campaign. Players from the Men’s and Women’s team have taken part in three brand videos encouraging good personal hygiene protection practices using Dettol’s products such as hand sanitiser and body wash. The players used these practices to protect the most important moments in a game, such as the half-time break and victory celebrations. Renowned TV and sports programme host Johnny Hui Pok-man narrated the videos, and his lively commentary helps convey the brand’s messages in an impactful and engaging manner.

In order to share the fast and furious rugby action and Dettol’s enhanced hygiene protocols with those outside of the stadium, Dettol also engaged former sports news anchor Vince Ng as an onsite commentator. He will report on the best moments of the long-awaited tournament, interact with spectators and share across social media throughout this unmissable event.

“We are thrilled to have Reckitt and Dettol’s continued support for our flagship event. This engagement follows Dettol’s successful Principal Partnership of the Hong Kong Rugby Premiership. As the first Hong Kong Sevens tournament since the pandemic, the partnership with a globally trusted hygiene brand like Dettol is instrumental in helping us return safely and successfully.”

“The wait is now over and we are looking forward to welcoming the crowd back at the Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens, and bringing more truly unforgettable moments to all,” said Bryan Rennie, Head of Commercial and Business Development of the Hong Kong Rugby Union.

Globally, Dettol has partnered with many leading organizations and supported major events worldwide, including the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, the English Football Association (FA), Cricket Australia, Hilton Hotels, and British Airways, to deliver its brand purpose of protecting what people love — be that families, sports, or day-to-day life moments.

Information and Photo Source : Elite Step Asia Limited / Hong Kong Rugby Union


· 滴露於疫情後首個香港國際七人欖球賽中,為世界頂級球員及數以千計參加者提供全面衞生防護

· 與本地球星拍攝一系列宣傳片,展示滴露「守護每個決勝時刻」

· 著名前體育新聞主播伍家謙於社交媒體親身分享賽事資訊

(香港 – 2022年11月3日)作為香港欖球總會的長期合作夥伴,利潔時旗下品牌滴露欣然宣佈成爲「國泰航空/滙豐香港國際七人欖球賽」的官方衞生夥伴,助盛事進一步完善衛生防護措施。此項國際體壇盛事於疫情後首次回歸,16支隊伍將於2022年11月4日至6日期間進行為期三日的比賽。

利潔時香港及台灣總經理 Boudewijn Feith表示:「利潔時一直堅守以人為本的信念,並積極尋求與來自不同界別的夥伴攜手合作的新機遇。我們很榮幸能夠與香港欖球總會再次合作,一同守護此年度矚目的頂級體壇盛事,令一眾球迷於這三日可盡情享受疫情後首場香港國際七人欖球賽。作爲全球最值得信賴的衞生品牌之一,滴露會繼續藉其專業及業界領導地位,守護香港人每個重要時刻,一同迎接更多大型盛事。」







香港欖球總會商務及業務拓展總經理Bryan Rennie表示:「繼較早前於超級聯賽成功合作,我們很高興能夠再次獲利潔時及滴露的鼎力支持,於此項重大體壇盛事延續我們的良好合作關係。我們相信在全球信賴品牌滴露的支持下,疫情後首次復辦的香港七欖賽事將安全、順利地舉行。漫長的等待已結束,我們十分期待與大家再度於香港迎接此項盛事,為大家帶來難忘的歡愉時刻。」


資料及相片來源 : Elite Step Asia Limited / Hong Kong Rugby Union


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